Cricket, captivating 2.5 billion viewers, stands as one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. Its inclusion in the 2028 Summer Olympics reflects global fervor, with the recent World Cup final attracting nearly three times the audience of the Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl.

Within this dynamic landscape, cricket has also pushed the envelope on gender equality, launching a professional Women’s Premiere League after the resounding success of the men’s league over the past 15 years. The Women’s IPL’s remarkable inaugural season has catapulted their collective franchise values to exceed half a billion dollars. It has also propelled India’s U.P. Warriorz team into the spotlight.

Crafted by acclaimed veteran filmmaker Arlene Nelson, the docu-series transcends a simple recounting of tales; delving deep into the personal stories and international backgrounds of U.P. Warriorz athletes. The series represents an embedded look into the culture of a professional women’s team in a traditionally male dominated game. Unveiling their rigorous training regimens, the wisdom of the coaching staff, intricate team dynamics, off-field camaraderie, and the emotional & physical hurdles they overcome for success, the series paints a vivid canvas of the franchise’s history and articulates its ambitious future. It underscores the pivotal role of U.P. Warriorz in advancing women’s cricket, promising an immersive journey into the meticulous process of building a successful women’s cricket team and the larger-than-life narrative of women’s cricket in India, currently riding the crest of global popularity.

“In the current zeitgeist, a global groundswell is propelling female protagonists to the forefront. The docuseries embraces this momentum and allows me to weave a rich narrative where resilient women athletes emerge as trailblazers. I’m honored to be entrusted with the telling of this universal story that I believe is destined to captivate audiences worldwide,” said Arlene Nelson.

In Production | 2024