It’s Gotta Be the Shoes

As the 40th anniversary nears of Nike’s signing of Michael Jordan, legendary super-agent David Falk and Victory Sports, in association with Jordan Brands, will take audiences inside a first-hand account of the birth of the Air Jordan brand.

The limited Docu-Series will explore the cultural and commercial significance of the iconic deal that changed the global landscape of both sports marketing and broader society.

Jordan’s agent, David Falk, who is widely considered the most influential agent in NBA history, recounts the behind-the-scenes strategies and stories that transformed a sneaker line into a global cultural phenomenon. The project will explore the relationship between the architects of Nike’s Jordan launch: David Falk, Michael Jordan, Roger Strasser, and Peter Moore as well as the role David Stern’s decision to ban the shoe played in its success. That decision will be placed into the broader context of the current events of that era – both in basketball and the broader society at large.

While the Air Jordan brand logo is known worldwide today, Nike’s 1984 signing of Michael Jordan was groundbreaking on many levels. Not only was Jordan one of the very few African American athletes to be the face of an entire brand, but the Air Jordan sneaker was also the very first signature shoe deal in NBA history. Falk credits his years of experience as a tennis agent, where signature shoe deals were commonplace, with inspiring the deal that saved Nike from financial despair.

Set against the backdrop of the greatest year in pop culture history, not to mention the Cold War, this entertaining and informative documentary will present audiences with a blend of nostalgia, culture, and strategic insight into the decisions and moments that turned a simple basketball shoe into a fashion phenomenon.

Viewers will be treated to an in-depth exploration of the collaboration between Michael Jordan, David Falk, and Nike that revolutionized not just the business of sports, but the social fabric of the era. The Air Jordan brand, emerging at the crossroads of a global capitalist renaissance, embraced the power of individuality and celebrity, becoming a symbol of rebellion and excellence.

Jordan Brand, a division of NIKE, Inc., is the epitome of excellence and the relentless pursuit of greatness, building on the legacy of Michael Jordan, an icon of overcoming adversity and achieving the impossible.

The phenomenon of Air Jordan extended its reach beyond the basketball court, becoming an emblematic presence in music, art, media, and fashion over the past four decades. This documentary will shed light on the brand’s influence on influencers, the inspiration it has provided to tastemakers, and its unparalleled integration into the zeitgeist.

At a time when urban communities were at the heart of a cultural and class revolution, Air Jordan emerged as both a point of contention and a beacon of hope. The documentary will explore the socioeconomic implications of a brand that became synonymous with both luxury and aspiration.

With commentary from titans of sports, pop culture, and politics, the documentary will be a holistic portrayal of Air Jordan’s indelible mark on society. It’s an examination of how a simple pair of sneakers became an enduring symbol of status, struggle, and hope for generations.

In Development | 2024