The Great Debate

In celebration of the NBA’s 75th Anniversary, the legendary Charles Barkley takes the helm of a groundbreaking documentary that reimagines the age-old debate of basketball’s ultimate icon, pushing the boundaries of greatness itself. This is Barkley’s heartfelt tribute to his NBA idols, both from the days of yore and the present, a narrative woven from the threads of six iconic personas: Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James. Each legend symbolizes a unique decade in the sport’s evolution, and the narrative seamlessly converges at a round table where Barkley and his esteemed guests embark on a profound exploration of what makes these athletes not just court legends but also transformative figures.

The greatness of these players isn’t confined to the hardwood; it’s examined through the lens of their off-court legacies, where their contributions span American culture, civil rights, the corporate world, and even our nation’s identity.

Barkley reflects on the project with pride, stating, “I am so proud of this film. We’ve taken a distinctly fresh approach by broadening the conversation about the Greatest of All Time to encompass the immense impact my top picks have had on American culture, civil rights, the business arena, and our very national identity. And the best part? It’s incredibly entertaining.”

This extraordinary project, masterfully directed by the Emmy-winning Scott Boggans, showcases profiles of six immortals of the game and features a riveting roundtable discussion with luminaries like Spike Lee, Jackie MacMullan, and Renee Montgomery. It’s a journey that transcends basketball, diving deep into the heart of history and human spirit.

Emmy Nominated | 2022 | TNT